Notched GOLDEN Wire Hangers

Quality Strong Notched Golden Wire Steel Coat Garmen Hangers 50x 100x 500x (13G)

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Product Description


Quality Strong Notched Golden Wire Steel Coat Garmen Hangers 50x 100x 500x (13G)

Strong and Smooth finish.

Size: 40 cm (16 inches) wide

Color : Golden


Thickness : 13G

A wire hanger is a type of clothes hanger made from white-painted wire. It's a simple and commonly used hanger to hang clothing items like shirts, blouses, and lightweight jackets. The wire construction allows for a lightweight and durable design. White wire hangers are often chosen for their clean and minimalist aesthetic, which can help create an organized and cohesive look in a closet or wardrobe. A wire hanger with a swan neck shape refers to a hanger where the upper part is curved, resembling the neck of a swan. This design helps to better maintain the shape of the clothing and is particularly suitable for hanging shirts and women's garments such as dresses or gowns. Swan neck hangers are typically made of metal or plastic and often have an elegant and stylish appearance. Their design also reduces the risk of wrinkles and shape distortion, providing better support and display for the garments. A white swan neck hanger has a white metal or plastic exterior, offering a clean, stylish, and organized visual effect. A wire hanger can be made from high-quality iron wire and undergo a super white spray painting process, which enhances its aesthetic appeal and durability. The use of high-quality iron wire ensures the hanger's strength and load-bearing capacity, allowing it to securely hold various types of clothing. The super white spray painting process gives the hanger a bright, clean, and sleek appearance, increasing its visual appeal. This white hanger not only provides excellent support for garments but also adds a sense of simplicity, style, and organization to a wardrobe or closet.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 3.0000
Country of Manufacture China


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